Relaxing Falassarna Beach

Falassarna beach has been voted the most beautiful beach of Crete.

Small private gulf

Dive in the crystal clear water of Falassarna beach.

Amazing sunsets

Falassarna's sunset considered to be the best in Crete.

For friends and families

Falassarna beach is known for its turquoise water and white sand.

Enjoy your coffee above the beach

Experience our aromatic coffee.

Drinks by the pool

Drink your coctail. Enjoy the sea view from our balcony.

Traditionals tastes in Panorama Tavern

The pure virgin Cretan olive oil, the unique herbs of the island, the fresh vegetables and fruits, the wild grecus, the tender meats are true treasures that reside in our restaurant.

Some of our herbs

The color and scent of relaxation youthfulness, creativity, imagination, optimism.

Feel like home

Red color... will make you feel warm, loved, safe...