Sports and Activities in Falasarna(Falassarna) for the summer 2022

surf class in falassarna

Surf in Falasarna coast

The main goal of the surf lessons is to bring people of all ages closer to the element of the Falassarna water's and have fun while doing it.Throughout the historic timeline of the Crete island there has been one thing that was always there. The endless coastline full of stunning bays and uncharted surfing potential ready for you to explore!

paragliing in falassarna

Paragliing over Falassarna coast

Nothing better from a dive in clear cold water, after a wonderful flight! Knowledges are not nesseccery fro that sport. The paragliding instructor gives a small briefing before take off and that’s all. You take a few steps and we’ll both be up on the air! You will feel the Falassarna air on your face, and you will see the world below.

balos lagoon cruises

Cruises to Balos Lagoon

Live a inique experience on the peninsula of Gramvousa. First long stopover will be at balos lagoon where you can enjoy the beauty of its blue green water. Continuing to the historic island of Gramvousa for a quick swim or visti the Venetian castle. The castle was build during the periode of 1579 -1584 AD and has been used priodically be Venetians & Ottoman occupiers, Greek rebels and even local pirates.

  • Private cruises
  • In groups
  • Normal way
day trip to elafonisos

Trip to Elafonisi

This trip is great if you want to see quite a bit of Crete as well as the famous Elafonissi beach, which is located on the far south west tip of Crete. A trip to this famous lagoon with its crystal clear water and pink coral sands is unforgettable. Stop at the Monastery of Chrysoskalitissa where views are magnificent and the white washed walls with blue window trim is the sort of thing you see on Santorini. The myth of the monastery is that if you are without sin, then you will be able to see one of the 90 steps leading up to the monastery turn to gold, hence the name Chryssoskalitissa- ‘golden step”.

falasarna diving memories

Diving in Kissamos and Falassarna

With all the experience of all these years and with two-points-service-financing divers shop for equipment in the main avenue of Kissamos and private area for lessons and start diving in the small harbor (fishing harbor) just next to the sea continue with the same love for diving the sea and its people. The programs are too many and are aimed at all those who want to somehow come into contact with the sea and the underwater environment.

falasarna jetski

Jet Ski in Falassarna

Water sports club located in Falassarna. Get an adrenaline rush while driving one of our 3 jet skis within Falassarna Bay. Beginners and Experts will enjoy a safe and exciting ride. Life Jackets are provided and all safety measures are taken.

Kissamos rent a boat

Rent a small boat for family tour

Rent a small boat 4,5m for 5 persons with a 30hp engine. The small boats up to 30hp do not need a boat driving license.

Fishing Trips

Fishing Trip to Kissamos Gulf

Fishing Trips started 1 year ago out of Captains Antonis and Nikos passion for the sea & fishing. Born and raised in Kissamos, Crete, Captain Antonis knows well the best spots for fishing in Kissamos gulf. With his family fishing boat will confidently guide you in and around the Kissamos fishing areas, stopping at different fishing spots, so that you enjoy your fishing boat trip in Gramvousa, Balos and Kissamos!

cycle in falassarna

Cycle tourist - Cyclist Mountain biker

Hotel Panorama borrowing bicycles with no charge to their's customers. The only place to borrow a bicycle for free.

The bicycle is the best way to explore the land like a real mine of artistic treasures and historical sites. It’s a cradle of culture, tastes and traditions, where landscapes not recur never and where each stop gives you a magic moments, where you can savor every moment of your day for a very special .

falassarna hiking paths

On this hike you will enjoy a panoramic view of the village Platanos, Falassarna and Sfinari. You will walk along a dirt road which is surrounded be olive trees and luscious vegetation. To find this road you must exit the village south of Platanos(on the road to Zachariana). You will come across a junction,(towards to Zachariana or Sfinari). Turn left towards to Zachariana and follow the road for 600 meters. At this point you will take the first dirt road on your right. Walking along the dirt road you will come across a gate which you must open and close again and keep walking upwards. On the left there is the village's main water supply. You will soon come to a fork in the road. By going left you will reach the area of Valsamakia and you will have a panoramic view of Sfinari, Platanos and Falassarna. Whereas if you go right you will reach the church of Saint Athanasios and the old village of Platanos where there are ruins of old houses to see.

European path E4 General information

falassarna hiking pathsThe sign marking is the same throughout all of Greece and is coloured yellow and black. For those interest: There is the path Kissamos – Chrisoskalitissa. Length: 56km Difficulty:Easy Hours: 12-13 The route begins in Kastelli, Kissamos from the square at the junction for Polirrinia. It travels southernly towards the village Galouvas . The route passes through the villages Lousakies and Zachariana. It continues and passes through Sfinari, Kambos, Keramoti, Kefali, Vathi, Plokamiana and finally reaches Chrisoskalitissa, which is the end of this marvellous journey.

Samaria Gorge

The biggest gorge in Europe

The Samaria gorge is in southwest Crete in the regional unit of Chania. Some say that the gorge is 18km long, this distance refers to the distance between the settlement of Omalos on the northern side of the plateau and the village of Agia Roumeli. In fact, the gorge is 16 km long, starting at an altitude of 1.250m at the northern entrance, and ending at the shores of the Libyan Sea in Agia Roumeli. The gorge became a national park in 1962 particularly as a refuge for the rare Kri-Kri (Cretan goat), which is largely restricted to the park and an island just off the shore of Agia Marina.

Information provided by the Chania Forest Protection Service. Visits to the National park are allowed from May the 1rst until the October the 15th. Park visiting hours are 07am to 15pm daily. From 15:00 to sunset, visitors are allowed to walk a distance of only 2 km within the park, either from Xyloskalo or from Agia Roumeli. Within the park it is strictly prohibited to camp, stay overnight, light fires, or swim in the streams of the gorge.

grape harvest on the traditional way

Grape Harvest - 4 days programme

Periods 18 - 22 September 23 - 27 September

We offer you the possibility to come to our fields and touch the atmosphere of the harvest period.
Day 1:Arrival and welcome wine tasting
Day 2:One day in the vineyard to pick up the grapes dinner with traditional cretan dishes
Day 3:One day wine production in traditional way
Day 4:Free day to spend around.

Programme price rate per person based on double occupancy: € 145,00

4 days and nights stay included breakfast,2 bottles of local ,1 dinner, 1 day picking the grapes, 1 day wine production